Augmented Resource Management Solution, ARMS, is an intelligent application that helps in resource optimization. The application calculates the number of resources (Nurses) required on a particular floor based on parameters like:

  • Number of patients present on a floor
  • Patient’s Criticality status and
  • Proficiency level of the nurse

taking into consideration, prescribed patient to nurse ratios.

The application also gives the mangers a birds eye-view of all the floors in the hospital providing details like

  • Patients and Nurse present
  • Criticality Status of each patient and
  • Load status of each nurse

The application raises an alarm whenever there is a patient/nurse ratio mismatch and enables the manager to handle the situation as it displays floors from where the staff can be withdrawn and moved to a floor that needs it, avoiding a crisis situations. ARMS allows real time movement of resources from one floor to another, thus, allowing the management a complete control of situation on each floor.

The application automatically plans the shift, assigns patients to nurses depending upon patients criticality and nurses proficiency levels. Information about nurses is taken from the nursing roster that is updated every month , while the attendance is taken from the biometrics. Information like VIP patients, difficult patient, new patient etc… are taken into consideration while assigning patients to nurses.

ARMS – important features

  • All staff mapped to each floor
  • Real time attendance from biometrics
  • Patient critical status
  • Fix Patient- nurse ratios from the back end
  • Automatically plans a shift and executes it as the shift starts
  • Allows real time movement of staff from one floor to another
  • Allows manual overriding facility
  • Displays all the patients assigned to a nurse with name and bed no.
  • Intuitive dashboard that clearly shows data for all floors real time.  Gives a clear picture of staff deployment at a glance.