ANSwer Audit

ANSwer App Audit, an application helping hospital and healthcare administrators execute routine audit reports. Our unique technology allows administrators to customize audit reports with requirements for their departments. Reports are instantly saved and programmed into the application, allowing the user to save, access, and continue to conduct audits at their discretion. With an intuitive dashboard, our application also provides useful metrics about your audits and can help draw meaningful insights.

Main Features

  • Assign Board – A board comprising of a few members can be assigned the task of carrying out the Audit. Board composition would be: a) Presiding Officer b) members
  • Set key parameters by a work process or function and assign scores for measurement.
  • Auditors can embed pictures, video, and audio files along with their reports.
  • Option of submitting confidential reports to the department head.
  • All the processes or parameters that have been audited or saved and once all the parameters are audited the report is submitted
  • Presiding Officer can view the progress of every member but he cannot see the marks given by him.
  • Once a member submits his report then only it is visible to the Presiding officer.
  • Once all the members submit their reports, Presiding Officer can prepare an Audit report for the facility or department and share it with all supported pictures/notes/audio/video to the Authorities who engaged him for the purpose.


  • Paperless – avoids paper based audit reports and allows you to access these reports digitally all through one platform.
  • Additional reporting features – include photos, videos, and audio records in addition to your audit reports.
  • Multiple auditing procedures through one platform – conduct audits for multiple department simultaneously. Save your progress while conducting your report and submit when completed.
  • Analyze – compare data from multiple reports across two or more facilities.