ANSwer App

ANSwer App is a powerful software platform that helps hospitals and healthcare facilities understand, address and analyze patient experiences in real time. Our application provides a transparent and user-friendly interface for both patients and hospital administrators. Patients can place requests and give feedback about hospital services, which are then immediately sent to the corresponding department. Nurses and administrators can then quickly respond to and address the patients’ concerns.

All responses are collected on the platform, allowing administrators to analyze trends in patient requests and track staff performance. With ANSwer App, hospital administrators, nurses, and doctors can engage with patients more efficiently, enhancing patients’ experiences.

Also, It helps healthcare providers to engage and interact with the patients more meaningful ways, resulting in increased satisfaction levels.

Patients experiences captured


Positive experiences

( 93.23%)

Negative experiences


Out of total Negative responses – responses because of minor problems

(72% of 20,299)
= 16,645

What You Can Achieve?

  • Greater Patient Satisfaction Levels
    ANSwer App provides patients’ a platform to efficiently and effectively communicate with administrators. Administrators are then able to quickly address patients concerns — resulting in better and faster patient recoveries.
  • Increased Revenue
    Greater patient satisfaction levels and quicker recovery times reduce revenue loss. Enhanced patient experiences also increases the probability of positive recommendations for future visits and with subsequent patients.
  • Reduces Expenditure
    Our technology eliminates the reliance on paper based evaluation methods, reducing paper and printing expenditures. Also staff can use their time to analyze trends and focus on bettering patient care, rather than manually inputting evaluation data.